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Tariff Classifications - Understanding Tariffs and Duties

Topic: International Trade

Before you export a product or service, it’s very important to understand your destination country’s tariffs and duties. These costs can have significant impact, and should be an integral part of your pricing strategy. You won’t be able to maximize your profits if you do not fully understand how the tariffs and duties are being assessed! Join this free webinar, and we will guide through creating a formula to calculate your overall costs, including tariffs and duties, in order to develop a comprehensive pricing strategy for going global. Topics include: a. The free public resources available for international trade companies. b. Formulas for calculating duty. c. How Maricopa SBDC can help beginners in the export business. Audience: Anyone involved in the export of products or services, and any others who may have interest in this topic.

Speaker(s): Yanxin Laisure-Pool Maricopa SBDC Business Advisor Tom Fulcher, Maricopa SBDC Business Advisor

Fee: No Cost