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Profit Soup Part 2

Wed 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM

Profit Soup

This webinar provides the Orientation to Profit Soup Online financial courses that includes information on:

Course 201 – Measure, Understand, Get it Done!

Course 202 – Financial Statements: Where the Story of your Business is Told

Each day you make decisions and choices to resolve the crisis of the moment, and each of those decisions and choices affect the future of your business. With all the distractions, how do you know you’re doing the things that build business value? Your income statement and balance sheet summarize all of the business activities in terms of dollars and cents. They’re not just for tax returns. Think of financial statements as the way the business keeps score on the management team. They are the go-to source of information for bankers in their loan approval process and for consultants charged with improving your business

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