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Small Business Bookkeeping

Tue 10:30 AM to 11:30 AM
Facilitated by Coconino SBDC
Topic: Business Accounting and Budget

Are you a small business owner looking to navigate the complexities of bookkeeping? Look no further! Join us for an informative webinar that will transform the way you manage your finances.

In this dynamic session, we'll dive into essential bookkeeping concepts tailored specifically for small business owners like you. Here's what we'll cover:

*Defining Your Role: Understand the critical financial responsibilities that come with running a business. We'll outline what you need to know to keep your business thriving.

*Demystifying Financial Terms: Assets, liabilities, revenues, expenses - confused? We'll break down these terms in a simple, understandable way, helping you gain confidence in your financial decision-making.

*Bookkeeping Timelines: Stay ahead of the game with a clear understanding of when to perform key bookkeeping tasks. We'll guide you through setting up a schedule that keeps your financials in check and your mind at ease.

*Record-Keeping Essentials: Learn about the legal requirements and best practices for retaining financial records. This knowledge is crucial for compliance and can also aid in making informed business decisions.

Whether you're just starting out or looking to refine your existing skills, this webinar is designed to provide valuable insights that will contribute to your business's success.

Speaker(s): Cindy Scott - SBDC Center Director


Fee: No Cost