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Communicating Your Value Proposition on Social Media: Where Your Value Actually Is

Wed 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM
Topic: Marketing and Sales

In this workshop, you will uncover the emotional benefits that your products or services provide and learn how to tell the world about that value in a way that they’ll actually understand and want to be a part of. In this webinar, you’ll learn how to: * Understand why and how Value Propositions affect your business's growth online * Identify your business's Valuable Uncommon Advantages * Express your business’s "Heart" on social media * Practice communicating your value, simply and effectively * Use an Ideas Matrix to never again run out of great, value-driven social media content

Speaker(s): Nia Confer is a communications manager for small businesses. She believes that small, dedicated experts can stand out on social media if they lead with value. Nia is an impactful brand ambassador and marketing manager. Notable clients are American Red Cross, the City of Birmingham, RW Record Pool & the Black wHole Music record label. Currently, she is serving small businesses to build their online presences. Nia earned a degree in Communications Management from the University of Alabama in Birmingham.


Fee: No Cost