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Contracts, Employee/Employer Relations, and Employment Tax

Tue 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM
Topic: Managing a Business

This presentation is divided into three sections: Contracts, Employee/Employer Relations, and Employment Tax.

In our first section, contracts, we will present contract law as it applies to business including elements of contacts, offers and acceptance, consideration, legal capacity/competency to enter into a contract, authority to engage in forming an enforceable contract and the legal purpose or objective.

For the employee/employer, section which includes human resources, we will cover employer/employee liability protection as determined by the nature of the business, the entity selected, employer issues, such as wage and hours laws, child labor law, social media risks to the employer, understanding the difference between independent contractor and employee, and federal protection for employees

The last section is employment taxes. This section will cover Payroll Taxes, self-employment tax issues.

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